Saturday, July 3, 2010


Although they did contact me, I was not home till late and could not deal with anymore media stories right now.

I wrote the following letter to the station and posted it to the KATU website.

I just saw your report on my blog and am deeply disappointed that you did not let me speak to this story.

Although you did contact me I do not get home until late at night and was too tired to deal with any more media stories.

I'll say the same thing to you that I said to KGW, at no time did I endanger any passengers on any bus I drove and the fact that the media has decided to cover this "flame war" is disgraceful.

The complaints all came from BIKEPORTLAND.ORG members who just wanted to shut me up because I was sick and tired of them lying and embellishing complaints against Trimet bus drivers.

There has never been even one complaint from an actual passenger who rides any of my buses regarding this subject.

My driving record is my defense.

The only people that have any authority in this matter are TRIMET management personnel who make the rules for me, not the media and not KATU!

Contrary to popular belief Trimet management represents decades of experience in handling issues relating to transit operators and operations.

Trimet's overall safety record is above industry standards bringing into question the media's motivation with stories such as this.

Al Margulies,

Trimet driver with 14 years of safe driving

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