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fromJanet Deleware
dateFri, Jun 18, 2010 at 4:09 PM
subjectFw: Driving while filming

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Kind of a weird problem. There's a Trimet driver, Al Margulles, that frequently video tapes women on his bus routes. Its creepy, not like scary movie creepy, but like old-pervert-down the lane creepy. I run into him a few times a week and at first I thought he was just outgoing, now I think he is creepy and a bit of a stalker with this camera. I try not to interact with him, but I have to board the bus from the front and walk right pass him and his creepy camera that is often pointed at the ass of female passengers. A while ago he gave me his phone and email so today I thought I would send him an email nicely asking him to stop filming while biking. He sent two emails in response, one was just a link to his personal blog where he posted a video of him verbally insulting some other person who apparently criticized him. I think he meant the response as a threat that if I tell anyone about the crap he is doing he will slander me on line. Also, considering how long he has been filming passnegers, who the fuck knows what video he has. I am really concerned that he might have an upskirt video that he will post online (if he hasn't all ready).

I thought Trimet had rules against stalke drivers. Guess I was wrong. I CC'ed Al on this email because I want that sick little pathetic fuck to know that I am not going to be scared into silence.

2nd email from janel delaware follows:
fromJanet Deleware
toal m
dateFri, Jun 18, 2010 at 3:57 PM
subjectRe: Driving while filming

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The video of you driving a bus and giving an interview for your own blog was the final straw for me. For far too long, you have harassed people with your self-appointed status as some creepy mix between a trimet spokesperson and stalker. Who knows what exactly you have been filming. Shit, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that you have been making up-skirt videos and beating off at home.

I tried to be police and nice by sending you an email that for you to stop filming while you were driving the bus. I was really polite too and didn't mention the fact that you video tape all the women like some closed serial rapist looking for his next victim. Rather than getting the hint and knocking it off, you you send me a link to a video of you lambasting someone who criticized you unsafe driving and creepy behavior? What type of limp dick threat is that? If I complain to Trimet about your stalker tendencies and shitty ass driving, will you post a rant about me next?

Never talk to me again. Never email me again and if any videos of me on your bus show up on the internet, I will have your balls for a bike ornament. Next time you ask a bus passenger for her number, try not to have the camera pointed right at her ass. And take a shower, you smell as bas you look.

1st email from JANET DELAWARE FOLLOWS-never heard of her before this email:

I'm not a big fan of you filming interviews for your personal blog while driving a bus. Can you wait until the bus has stopped moving before making your videos?


Janet Deleware

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