Friday, July 23, 2010

Der Fuher is after Dan now!

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to express a concern regarding TriMet bus driver Dan
Christensen on the following two items:

1) Dan Christensen's instructions to the general public for a
cyclist to be killed. In a post titled "PORTLAND! KILL THIS
Christensen provides a photograph of the cyclist and states :

"*However as a holder of your life I think now after long hours of
contemplation I shall exercise the death option. In closing I would
like to
say that though I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope that
someone out
there takes me up on my plea, I will be lucky and blessed if
someone does."*

*2) Dan Christensen's use of the racial slur, "Japs". In a post
titled, How
Trimet Lost Tens of Millions, Christensen states: *
*"The Problem is everyone loves to point fingers. They love a good
"Bad Guy"
and what's better than someone you can dump all your blame on. Man
that is
awesome!. It's been a while since America has had a good villain.
We had
Native Americans, Nazi's Japs, Communists and to a lesser extent

It is very difficult to support TriMet as an organization when its
keep crossing every line imaginable. Coupling Christensen's
solicitation for murder and racism with Al Margulies's filming in
bathrooms, discrimination against the disabled and it seems the
only embarrassment TriMet drivers have yet to commit is drug
trafficking on
bus routes.

-Marcus Griffith

Marcus Griffith

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