Saturday, July 3, 2010


I'm a reader of your blog and have been for 2 years now. Although I do not always agree with the things you do and say, I agree that you have done nothing wrong by being videotaped while driving. I am a fellow transit fan, and photographer. As a photographer, this story is extra important to me, as it may jeopardize this hobby of mine. Reading that "The complaint has led to a new policy change. Soon bus drivers won't be filming on-camera interviews." worries me, as I fear that this new change in policy may result in drivers no longer permitting my photography in fear of their jobs. I hope this does not become the case, as I would be deeply saddened to lose this hobby.

I hope that things turn out good for you, and that the public and media don't eat you alive, because I believe what you do is not only safe, but informative. I have learned so much about both whats great and whats horrible about trimet.

Here's hoping this doesn't get out of hand

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