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dateFri, Jun 18, 2010 at 6:47 PM
subjectPodcasting While Driving a Trimet Bus

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Mr. Collins and Mr. Margulles,

I have been following the Trimet/Bicycle discussion on Bike
Portland and Rantings of a Trimet Driver blogs. As much as I am
pleased to see some constructive dialog occurring, I am horrified
by Mr. Margulles' blatant disregard for the safety of his
passengers and other road users.

There is no excuse for Mr. Margulles to distract himself from the
safe operation of the bus entrusted into his care. Far too many
lives depend on the alert and attentive care of a bus driver for
distractions to be tolerated as standard operation procedure. The
fact that Mr. Margulles distraction was his participation in
creating a personal podcast underlines Mr. Margulles' distorted
value system. There is nothing Mr. Margulles has to say that is
more valuable than the lives of the people his continuing
negligence endangers.

Why Mr. Margulles could not wait the bus was stopped, or when he
was no longer on his work shift to record his unprofessional rant
is beyond comprehension.

The fact that Mr. Margulles uses his seemingly Trimet approved and
funded podcasts to lash out at members of the public deteriorates
public trust in Trimet. A public employee has no right to retaliate
or intimate the public for engaging in good faith efforts to
address public concerns.

Besides the blatant safety and retaliation aspects of Mr.
Margulles' unprofessional conduct, there is a public employee
ethics concern. Public empolyees can not ethical use work time for
personal projects or outside employment.

Mr. Margulles' improper conduct distracts from the constructive
dialog occurring to address mass transit safety matters.
Regrettable, Mr. Margulles' hard charging commitment to improper
conduct on and off the clock means that there are few, if any,
viable resolutions that include Mr. Margulles' employment in a
public capacity.


Bruce Stevens

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